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About Care Management

Case Management, done the right way.

Because addiction affects so many facets of the dependent person's life, a comprehensive care strategy promotes recovery and enables the substance abuse client to fully integrate into society as a healthy, substance-free individual. The continuum must be designed to provide engagement and motivation, primary treatment services at the appropriate intensity and level, and support services that will enable the individual to maintain long-term sobriety while managing life in the community. Treatment must be structured to ensure smooth transitions to the next level of care, avoid gaps in service, and respond rapidly to the threat of relapse. Care management is a necessity because segmented services without a continuum plan are inadequate at meeting the needs of the client. Because all of this can be so overwhelming and time consuming, finding a reliable care manager is essential. 


Care management, commonly known as case management, is for a person overcoming substance abuse. A care manager is here to coordinate several outpatient services. This may include detox and outpatient rehabilitation, but it can also include a continuation of care after hospitalization and inpatient rehabilitation. Finding a place in a sober living home, follow up on setting therapy or psychiatry appointments, and finding support groups are all things I facilitate for clients as their dedicated care manager.


I will help you or your loved one navigate the unknown. With my extensive network of connections and experience in helping individuals heal, I research and make recommendations to co-create a plan that will enable clients to have the best outcome and to live the life they deserve. 

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