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My Life Coaching Philosophy


How a Life Coach Can Help

My clients can expect me to take the time to get to truly know them and what they're looking to heal in their lives before we co-create a plan. Every individual is complex and different, so no single strategy is right for everyone. As your Life Coach, we will explore all parts of your life with a holistic view: Mind, Body and Spirit. 


Overcoming your hurdles starts with Self Awareness. That means bringing attention to the thoughts, beliefs, habits and emotions that don’t serve us. Deep down most of us know that we should lead healthier lives, take better care of ourselves and actively pursue our goals, yet it’s almost as though something keeps us stuck in a place of inaction, negative emotion and detrimental habits.

That something is your subconscious mind, or negative self talk. It’s the subconscious that guides 95% of our thoughts and behaviors, and while it helps us in many ways, this part of the mind also clings to destructive thinking that can be very difficult to overcome through willpower alone. 

Fortunately, with the right tools you can leverage the subconscious to let go of self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors, creating the life you truly deserve. Based on your particular obstacles and goals, I’ll teach you various techniques and practices to help you release negative thinking and bad habits, expand inspiration and motivation, and find greater confidence and peace. We will collaborate in building the space for breakthroughs to occur.

You deserve to be free of the old beliefs holding you back from achieving your dreams.

Whatever your current situation looks like, you have the ability to overcome your challenges and live an inspired and joyful life.

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